My cellphone comes with me everywhere.
It's my office, gym partner, family connector and entertainment center all-in-one. Sound familiar?

One evening at dinner with a close friend I noticed something odd: we were taking phones breaks at the same time without a word.

She would pick up her phone off the table mid-conversation. I instinctively recognized the behavior and then picked up my phone to do a quick check through the usual (email, social media etc. - you know the drill).

Realizing what I was doing, I looked up in embarrassment. No worries there as other diners were checking their phones while companions ate quietly or checked their own phones.

Thinking about this device addiction I wondered, how utterly depressing we can't enjoy 20 minutes of each other's time without checking our phone.

I went home that night and did a little research on the topic, and it turns out there's more at stake than being a little social media obsessed. Here are just a few data points I discovered: 

  • Just the presence of a smartphone on the table lowers the quality of in-person conversations
  • According to one study, scientists have shown nearly one-third of children feel unimportant when their parents use their cell phones during meal times and conversations.
  • Lifeguards are warning parents to put phones away, after more than 300 people drowned this year! 
  • Want even more data? Check out our digital detox news.

Finding time for a digital detox is now as important as finding time to exercise. Sure, we live in exciting, connected times, but in this excitement it's all too easy to miss out on what's happening right in front of us.

I believe recognizing the importance behind the digital detox movement is one of the most important issues of our generation.

Our mission is simple: discreetly transform the dining experience by providing people with a momentary digital detox while enjoying their meals and each other. 

Diners prioritize delicious food when choosing a restaurant, followed by the quality of their experience. Start using TableCubby to improve your customer's dining experience so they focus on what matters - we'll leave the food up to you!

Best Regards,

David Waldman
Founder, TableCubby