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Transform your restaurant or cafe into a digital detox hot spot by providing dedicated space for mobile devices UNDER the table!


Finally. A place for your phone at the table.

Give customers a place to store cellphones while eating so they remember why they came to you in the first place.

The First Digital Detox Solution for Your Restaurant

Connect with your customers by allowing them to disconnect.

Newly published research shows the mere presence of a cellphone lessens the quality of in-person conversation!

Digital Detox News

Back to basics: create an environment for dining without distraction in minutes


Digital Detox News

Why a social media detox was the best thing I did for my health this year

Research suggests our mood is improved when we spend time in nature, bond with our friends and exercise (especially in natural light), but does any...

Are restaurants going to start banning phone calls?

Restaurants just like movie theaters are going to start banning phone conversations during meal times, according to Webby award-winning creative and serial venturepreneur NJ Goldston. We wholeheartedly agree that it's fantastic the art of conversation is making a comeback.

Teens prefer texting over in-person communication

"Today's teens prefer texting over in-person communication, use social media multiple times a day, and admit that digital distractions interfere with homework, personal relationships and sleep, according to a new survey of 13- to 17-year-olds." The report also highlights what to do about it...

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